About Us

Pitcher's dogsKrazy K9s have been training dogs for far too many years to mention!

Currently we have 7 dogs of our own, along with three ‘krazy’ children (Matthew, Jamie & Jessica). This means we understand the importance of all family members being able to control the family pet and are happy for kids to join in.

We have had much success in competitive obedience and in agility with our own dogs:

  • Kizzi & Keeper have worked both obedience and agility and help us with behavioural issues in other dogs
  • Maddie & Reggie are our agility dogs but have also competed in obedience.  Reggie qualified and competed junior agility at Crufts and Maddie has worked up to grade 4.
  • Digby is our newest addition a rescue Goldendoodle who is now helping us with behavioural issues and socialization in our training
  • Tinkerbell and Sammy are both rescues, we simply couldn’t say ‘no’!
(Reggie belongs and is trained by Jamie our middle child)